Shin Gan Dojo Reviews

  • As you probably guessed, Noah won't be coming to karate anymore. We are sad to let it go but can't keep up the commute with all the activities for the other kids. We would stay forever if it weren't so far away. I don't think there is any other place like yours so I'm reluctant to go anywhere else. Perhaps it's time to pick up a new activity. Taylor and I really admire what you and Brian are doing for the kids. Thank you so much and we will never forget you both.

    Kim, Taylor, Noah and Family
  • Brian is truly a master teacher who is absolutely amazing with children. This has been a phenomenal experience for our daughter. Thank you!

    Dr. Christian Conte, Parent
  • I am so pleased with my child’s improved self -confidence! With that alone, other children have more respect for him. My husband started training because of my son’s experience ~ that should say it all!

    Andrea Zaborowski, Parent
  • In a culture that constantly distracts our children, Shin Gan Dojo provides the tools our youth needs to focus. My children are more cooperative, focused, physically confident. Putting our children in Shin Gan Dojo was one of the most mature decisions I have made as a father.

    Jon Mikelonis, Parent
  • To whom it may concern, I am writing on behalf of the Shin Gan Dojo Stranger Awareness Program. This program effectively teaches children how to determine between a good and a bad stranger, what to say or yell if they are confronted with a bad stranger, and how to protect themselves physically. The participants in my program especially enjoyed learning about the stranger path and using the punching bag while learning how tot defend themselves physically. Shin Gan Dojo presented the information in a fun and educational manner, that was easy for children to understand, and most importantly was fun. I recommend this program for any child.

    Andrea Bardelli, Washoe County Parks & Recreation
  • Abduction Prevention Workshop: Excellent with the children! Works wonders! Children will enjoy and get a lot out of this class! Great confidence builder!

    Jeanie Riggs, Parent
  • Abduction Prevention Workshop I hope my daughter never needs the skills she learned but I must say that if left her with the confidence to protect and defend herself.

    Darren Proulx, Parent
  • Sensei Simmons is an awesome teacher, both true to the origins of Ninpo while keeping classes light hearted and fun as well. You can learn everything from weapons, hand to hand combat, grappling, confidence, how to fall properly and much more. This Dojo is great for all ages. For the person looking for a traditional martial arts school with plenty of modern application this the place.

    Marcello, Student
  • I was bullied as a child and grew up shy with low confidence throughout my teenage years. When I was 20, I joined the dojo in hopes of learning self-defense and possibly attaining more confidence. Over the years my training at the dojo changed my life. I feel like I am a different person. Not only has Sensei taught me how to protect myself, but I have also gained the courage to pursue a career in law enforcement, which I would have never been able to do before. Now I am a part-time instructor at the dojo, also something I never could have envisioned myself doing.

    Andrei, Student/Instructor
  • I took the Fire Arms Training and am extremely pleased. Sensei is patient and very thorough. He taught me very well. My husband being a former Marine was and still is impressed with what I was taught and the skills I now have. I am fully confident that I could defend myself or my family if the need ever presented itself. I highly recommend this training for shooters at any level. Even if you think you know it all, Sensei will teach you something that you don't. 

    Shay Robles, Student
  • Sensei,
    Just wanted to let you know how Eli is doing, he has started his new school and we are currently looking for a new place for him to continue karate. Like you said, it is not easy! There are a lot of places to choose from, but so far I have not found one that compares to the level of instruction we had with you. I really appreciate all you have done for Eli and we miss you and the boys. Hope all is well, as I said before, if/when we are back in the area, Eli will be taking classes from you for sure!

    Jennica, Parent
  • I would highly recommend the Shin Gan Dojo Martial Arts School to anyone interested in serious self- defense training. I started there by taking my unruly 5 year old in 2006, then enrolled my shy daughter in 2009, and started taking the Beyond CCW firearm classes in March of 2009. I had so much fun and learned so much from Sensei Simmons in the Beyond CCW, that I enrolled in the Martial Arts for myself in May of 2009.

    The experience for me was very rewarding. Mentally, I discovered clarity, self and situational awareness, self-discipline, and confidence. Physically, I gained strength and agility, better ways to breathe, better posture, flexibility and the knowledge to defend myself from all shapes and sizes of opponents-armed and unarmed.

    The techniques I learned for the pistol and rifle craft are now a part of me. I have been in situations while hunting where my reactions are automatic, and the results were 1-shot to the vitals.

    I eventually became an instructor for the kids and teens and it was very rewarding to see kids from all backgrounds and athletic abilities make improvements with their coordination and confidence.

    My only regret is that I did not start sooner in my life, when my body still did everything I wanted it to do! I stopped training in August of 2015 when I moved away from the dojo, but I still think about and practice things I learned at Shin Gan Dojo every day.

    Tom Cunning, Instructor/Student/Parent
  • Thank you for the progress report. Both of us also have noticed Abby’s increase in confidence not just when she is at the Dojo but also on the other aspects of her daily activities. Shinsei’s teaching had helped her a lot in building that confidence and contributed to her overall well being. Again, thank you. 

    Joe & Marilou, Parents

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