Fourth of July Desert Shoot

 in Sparks - Shin Gan Dojo

On July 4th we held another genuine Forth of July Celebration by gathering in the NV desert with rifles and pistols blasting away at paper and steel targets.

We held two separate shoots. The first one was a complete surprise scenario we dubbed The Roadblock.

The second shoot featured three pop up targets. Each  pop up assembly exposed a target for an unknown duration with an unknown interval between exposures. The spread between targets was fairly wide and the distances between each target assembly varied between 50 yards and 130 yards.

Many lessons were designed into the Roadblock shoot and many more were discovered by happenstance. Here are some highlights:

Always come prepared. Don’t think you can make an appointment with disaster. There isn’t much time to get your things together if you have to make haste for your firearm or a getaway.

Magazine fed weapons are only an asset if the magazines are preloaded.

If you carry a firearm in the car, make sure it’s readily available for use.

A “thank you very much” goes out to Keegan and Tommy for staying overnight the night before with me to set up the event.

If any attendee wants a more detailed report of the shoot let me know by way of email.

Highway Robbery Roadblock Shoot Scores

1st       Gigi                            34 points

2nd       Nate                          33 points

3rd       Tom                           29 points

4th       Set                            27 points

5th       Team E&E                  17 points

5th       Alec                          17 points

6th       Tommy                      16 points

7th       Keegan                      ?? points

Pop Up X 3 scores

1st       Sensei                       41 points

2nd       Tom                          38 points    

3rd       Set                            37 points

4th       Alec                           35 points

5th       Earl                           28 points

6th       Keegan                      27 points

7th       Nate                          22 points

8th       EllingT                       17 points

9th       Gigi                           14 points

DQ      Tommy                       28 points     1ND

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