Recent Horne Shooting Event

 in Sparks - Shin Gan Dojo

As some of you know, Sensei went out of town the weekend of April 17.

Most of the student body is aware that Sensei is involved in the rifle and pistol craft. It so happens that our trip was for that purpose.

Every so often, a mentor of mine, Michael Horne, an accomplished firearms shoot coordinator, puts on an extensive shoot for a select group of shooters and friends. Horne was the most prominent match director for Soldier of Fortune Magazine’s world renown 3 Gun Matches. He was the man who put the magazine’s 3 gun match on the international map!

This particular rifle shoot was, as usual, incredibly fun and educational. There’s no better time than when you and your armed friends gather around the camp and fraternize.

A few of our own Shin Gan Dojo students represented the Reno contingency in what is usually just a Californian crowd. We faired very well. Our first aid kit was a sensational hit too.

Sensei has been in the habit of bringing an extensive first aid kit whenever he coordinates a shoot himself. Since we would be camping, and without any access to the outside world for three days the kit came along and found good use as and old friend needed some minor attention.

This particular shooting event was a three-man team shoot, not a “3 gun” shoot. You don’t see this kind of shoot at our Washoe County Shooting Facility or you’re normal “square” range. Space, time and shooter’s movement put too much demand on your normal shooting facility to host such an event.

Here is our short after event report from Sensei:

One downed airman needing rescue and evacuation, 18 steel targets which represented ambushes and firefights and the tense expectation of unknown circumstances while traveling to the mock landing zone made this shoot another spectacular event which Michael Horne is known for.

Gigi, Nate and I joined as a team. Because Tom is a good shot and can carry his own weight, so to speak, we lent him to two other teams. He actually went through the event twice.  Lucky him.

Our team used sectors of fire with Nate handling any targets appearing on the left, Gigi watching the middle, and Sensei on the right. We kept in contact with our downed airman via radio and aided him along to the landing zone once we retrieved him.

Most of our targets were dropped with first round hits from kneeling, though a couple took more than that. Two were hard to find. Binoculars came in handy for those moments.  Gigi, still suffering from a healing broken foot, got a realistic look at what fighting with an injury would be like. She persevered to the end none the less.  

Lots of our education comes from listening to how the others handled their obstacles, making the after event debriefing an important part of the shoot.

We avoided the long drive home in the middle of the night by staying another night and leaving first thing in the morning. With the extra time, we put on our own pistol drills and night shoot after everyone else went home.

Michael Horne and I are working out details to have him come out here to put on a clinic or match.

Please let me know if you are interested in joining us for that event. I am very selective with this kind of event. More than likely it will be reserved for current and former Beyond CCW students.

It may very well take place on the July Fourth weekend as I have been a custom to hosting a shooting event on that weekend each year.

To contact Sensei about this up coming event visit or just mention it the next time we see each other…

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