Why Us

Ninpo is a comprehensive martial arts system over 800 years old, comprised of various Japanese fighting arts including both the Samurai arts and Ninjutsu systems. Ninpo derives its fame from its association with Ninjutsu, the art of the Ninja. Ninjutsu consists of mastering the techniques of hiding, spying, camouflage and using elemental or mystical powers, to name a few:

  • We are not a martial arts school franchise
  • We are not the McDonald's of martial arts
  • Our classes are not taught by kids
  • Our students get personal instruction from the school owner
  • Class sizes are limited to keep quality of instruction high
  • We use a very traditional testing method
  • Out students earn their belts
  • We have no trophies and give no recognition for beating up other students
  • Our students grow at their own rate
  • We help our students improve their focus, confidence, self-esteem and behavior
  • We teach a very traditional Japanese system
  • We have over eight hundred years of martial arts history
  • Our martial art system is based on practical training scenarios
  • Our training prepares students for real life
  • We have a fun and exciting atmosphere
  • We have a clean, safe, professional environment

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