What is Ninpo Bugei

Ninpo is a comprehensive martial arts system over 800 years old, comprised of various Japanese martial arts including both the Samurai and Ninjutsu arts. Ninpo derives its fame from its association with Ninjutsu, the art of the Ninja. Ninjutsu consists of mastering the techniques of hiding, spying, camouflage and using elemental or mystical powers, to name a few.

In reality, Ninjutsu is only a small part of Ninpo. The main portion of Ninpo’s combative arts are the Samurai arts:


The art of taking the opponent’s center. Jujutsu focuses on joint locks, throws, takedowns, chokes and strikes.

Daken Tai Jutsu

The art of punching and kicking. Said to be one of the original types of Karate, Daken Tai Jutsu is used complementary to Jujutsu in order to set up throws and takedowns.

Koppo Jutsu

The art of destruction to the skeletal structure. This ancient art was used to disarm the armored Samurai by smashing through weak points of the armor.

Koshi Jutsu

The art of applying pressure points. Pressure point strikes applied between the openings of the Samurai armor helped to set up the attacker for a finishing blow.


The art of saving oneself by falling or tripping (rolling). Perhaps the most important of the various arts encompassed by Ninpo, Taihenjutsu incorporates advanced ground fighting techniques.

Since the Samurai arts are the foundation of Ninpo Tai Jutsu, the study of Samurai weapons are a large part of the Ninpo curriculum. Ken Jutsu, Bi-Ken Jutsu, Bo Jutsu and Naginata Jutsu are studied as well a focus on various antiquated Ninjutsu weapons. All of the arts studied at ANBF are intact Ryu Ha passed on by masters who have proven the effectiveness of each of these bugei arts in real combat.

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